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Unveiling Winter Magic: Adventure West Virginia's Winter Wonder Series


As the frosty tendrils of winter weave their way through the mountains of West Virginia, Adventure WV gears up to introduce a thrilling array of winter activities sure to enchant adventurers of all kinds. Set against the picturesque backdrop of snow-capped peaks and frosted valleys, the "Winter Wonder" series promises unforgettable experiences starting this February.

Sledding & Hot Coco - Sunday, Feb 11th:

Kicking off the series with an exhilarating dash down the slopes, Adventure WV invites you to Chestnut Ridge, just a stone's throw away from Morgantown, for a day of sledding and steaming hot cocoa. Nestled amidst snowy trees, the 350-foot sledding lane promises endless thrills from top to bottom. For just $20.00, bundle up and embrace the rush of winter joy.

Backcountry Bakery - Cinnamon Rolls - Saturday, Feb 17th:

Delve into the culinary delights of winter as Adventure WV's chefs unveil the secrets of crafting mouthwatering cinnamon rolls from scratch. Join us in the ORC Kitchen for a hands-on lesson, where compact camping stoves transform into ovens, imparting warmth and aroma to the snowy landscape. At $10.00, indulge your taste buds and master the art of backcountry baking.

Farmers Market Cooking:

Step into the heart of winter's bounty at the Morgantown Farmer's Market with Adventure WV's Farmers Market Cooking experience. Discover the magic of cooking with fresh, local ingredients as you whip up delectable dishes on front-country camping stoves. For just $10.00, immerse yourself in the flavors of the season and create culinary masterpieces under the open sky.

Frozen Waterfalls & Pizza - Sunday, Feb 25th:

Embark on a journey into the icy embrace of Blackwater Falls State Park with Adventure WV. Meet at the Student Recreation Center before venturing out to witness the breathtaking beauty of frozen waterfalls, a sight to behold in the winter's grasp. Afterwards, warm up with piping hot pizza in town, sharing tales of adventure and camaraderie. Priced at $45.00, this excursion promises a day of exploration and indulgence.

Adventure West Virginia's "Winter Wonder" series offers a gateway to the magic of winter, where every snowflake holds a promise of adventure and every moment is etched with memories. Whether you're sledding down snowy slopes, savoring freshly baked cinnamon rolls, or marveling at frozen waterfalls, join us as we embrace the wonders of the winter season. Bundle up, gather your companions, and let the spirit of adventure lead the way into the heart of West Virginia's winter wonderland.