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Harmonize with Horses


"Harmonize with Horses: A Unique Well-being Experience with Adventure West Virginia" 

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being with Adventure West Virginia's Headwaters activity, an engaging equine-assisted learning initiative. Affiliated with the Mountaineer Meet Ups program and supported by the Carruth Center, this experience is designed to provide current WVU (West Virginia University) students with an opportunity to connect with horses and invest in their overall wellness. In collaboration with On Eagles’ Wings, this program goes beyond a simple adventure by fostering meaningful conversations about well-being. 

What to Expect:

This distinctive offering, organized by Adventure WV, extends beyond the typical outdoor excursion. Participants will be treated to round-trip transportation and nourishing meals, making it a seamless experience from start to finish. The program, lasting a few hours, combines elements of equine interaction, conversations around well-being, and the chance to connect with other Mountaineers.

Equine Interaction:

While the program does not involve riding horses, it offers a unique chance to engage with these magnificent creatures in numerous ways. Participants can choose the level of interaction they are comfortable with, whether it is petting, grooming, or even leading the horses. The barn is not exclusive to horses; rabbits, chickens, and friendly farm cats add to the wholesome environment, creating a well-rounded experience for all. 

Supportive Atmosphere:

Adventure WV, the Carruth Center, and On Eagles’ Wings have cultivated a down-to-earth and approachable atmosphere. Participants are encouraged to come as they are, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity. The organizers are eager to meet every Mountaineer and ensure a positive and enriching experience for all. 


To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience, participants are advised to bring a water bottle and wear comfortable, warm clothing suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Boots are available at the barn, but participants are welcome to bring their own if they prefer. Check-in takes place at the Outdoor Recreation Center

Exclusivity for WVU Students:

This unique well-being opportunity is exclusively available to current WVU students. Unfortunately, participants are unable to bring spouses, partners, or children, ensuring a focused and student-centric experience. 

Adventure West Virginia's Headwaters activity promises a one-of-a-kind well-being adventure, combining equine interaction, meaningful conversations, and a supportive community. Join fellow Mountaineers in this enriching experience and come as you are for an evening of self-discovery, connection, and harmony with horses. 

5:30-8:30 p.m. on Jan. 23, Jan. 30, Feb. 20 and Feb. 27

Check-in: Outdoor Recreation Center, Student Rec Center

This program, coordinated in collaboration with On Eagles’ Wings, provides an opportunity to interact with horses and other farm animals, fostering a connection with nature while discussing well-being. This few hours long program includes round-trip transportation, food and engaging activities. 
Note: Horse riding is not included. Students will have the opportunity to pet them, groom them and possibly lead them. Each students will have the ability to choose the level of interaction that they are comfortable with.

Harmonize with Horses

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