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A Look Inside Adventure WV's Paddling Activity


  Every year, WVU hosts Welcome Week before the first week of the Fall semester, which features dozens of activities and events for students. Popular activities included in Welcome Week are Fall Fest, a free on-campus concert featuring Flo Rida and The Driver Era this year, outdoor adventure activities, and Monday Night Lights, an event where first-year students can sign their class flag and take the official class photo.

  As part of Welcome Week this year, Adventure WV began in semesterly series of outdoor adventure activities are coordinated. These program's allow students to try “fun, challenging and life-changing experiences.” Some activities include hiking, rock climbing, ziplining, and paddle boarding.

  One such activity is includes the "Try Paddling" series. These programs  involve students using paddle boards and kayaks from the Morgantown Adventure Outfitters facility and paddling down the Mon River with group instructors, who are students themselves who enjoy the outdoors and adventure and are always there if you have any questions or need assistance.

  Adventure WV’s paddling sessions are beginner-friendly, requiring no previous experience and providing basic instructions for the activity, so there’s no need to worry about being inexperienced. Most programs are also guided by Adventure WV student staff, which also allow participants to connect with fellow classmates and have fun. 

girl on paddle board facing away
“Try Paddling” allows students to reach out of their comfort zone and try a relaxing and engaging activity that allows them to take in the natural sights and sounds of historic Morgantown.

  Participants are provided with a lifejacket, paddle, and a board and begin by laying the board flat on the water and, with the help of an instructor, sitting on the board with their legs crossed. Keeping your balance can be tricky, but the water of the Mon isn’t too choppy, so find a comfortable position and do your best to stay still.

  The group instructors start by teaching participants the basics of paddling, such as how to steer, speed up or slow down, and come to a stop. Once everyone understands and is comfortable beginning the activity, the instructors lead you downstream. While going down the river, you don't have to use your paddle as much, as the river's natural flow carries you.

   F rom the river, participants have a view of Downtown Morgantown, including sights such as Reynolds Hall, the PRT, and several residence halls in Sunnyside. After flowing down the river, you turn around and begin your travel upstream.

  While going upstream, participants pass by the iconic Ruby Amiptheater , the site of free concerts every Friday night during the summer season, and the Ruby Movie Series, which shows free movies on Sunday nights from September 10th to October 29th.    First-year students are encouraged to sign up for an Adventure WV activity, as they can help students make connections and become accustomed to the experiences WVU offers.

  Another water- based programming option Adventure WV provides is the  Well-Being Adventure Series . This program option allows students to participate in guided outdoor activities and mindful conversations that allow you to “invest in your own well-being,”. The "Paddle and Process" segment is scheduled to run each Thursday throughout the month of September. 

  All of the activities in the series are beginner-friendly, and most require no experience. They provide an opportunity to have fun, relax, and learn to “grow into a healthier version” of yourself.

To register for Paddling in the Well-Being Adventure Series or find out more information, visit our Guided Trips Website.