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Meet Annabella Cerasoli


Annabella Cerasoli is a second-year student at West Virginia University who finds herself at the Evansdale Recreation Center six days a week, training for a Spring 2024 bodybuilding competition. Annabella, a psychology major on the pre-nursing track, utilizes Campus Recreation to help her achieve her goal of competing one day.

Girl Lifting Weights at Campus Rec

Annabella became interested in working out regularly during her first year on campus, where she would spend time at the Downtown Fitness Center in Reynolds, finding herself loving the results she would get from working out. In her next semester, Annabella started going to the Rec Center to utilize the wide range of machines and weights available.

When describing her devotion to working out, Annabella says, “I like working out because I feel like it’s a hobby that I can not only devote time to in a productive way but also see that my hobby is paying off.”

Annabella Flexing arm at Wvu Rec Center

Annabella started swimming when she was five years old, always a fan of staying active and pushing herself to achieve new goals. Annabella broke her school’s record for the girls' fastest 50-yard freestyle in high school, proving to herself that her hard work could pay off and make an impact.

When asked what keeps her motivated to continue working out for six days a week, Annabella affirms, “I can feel the work I’m putting in. I can see results.”

Annabella finds that setting specific goals for yourself allows you to stay motivated in the gym, as progress towards your goals can help inspire you to continue down any path you follow. In Annabella’s case, women who compete in the bodybuilding division she’s working towards tend to have well-defined backs, so she uses that as a guide for her goals in the gym.

While the Rec Center allows Annabella to further her strength, she also finds herself connecting with students who have the same passions as her. Annabella chooses to go to the Rec Center, allowing her environment to be made up of students with the same interests and goals.

Girl in Gym Smiling after lifting weights

When asked why she goes to the Rec Center rather than a gym closer to her apartment, Annabella says, “I’m able to meet people that I know are students on campus. It helps me connect with students my age in the same kind of demographic that I am.”

Annabella also acknowledges the mental benefits that working out and being active can provide, especially to students. She believes that the gym is a great place to release stress while simultaneously working on your physical health.

Annabella talks about mental and physical health going hand in hand when it comes to being active, saying, “Using your body in a productive way is really good for your mental health, and I find that carries over into why I go to the gym, too.”

Annabella's commitment to training at the Rec Center showcases the positive impact of dedication, shown through both her physical strength and inspired spirit. Annabella is a student who advocates for the physical and mental well-being of all students, and she believes Campus Rec can aid all students in achieving their goals.